The Mushroom Festival in Grevena

The picturesque villages of Grevenà, in the north of Greece, are the perfect setting for a traditional mushroom festival. Amidst pristine green woods, Grevenà has rightfully earned its title as “official mushroom capital of the country” and every year, towards the end of the summer, the region becomes a meeting place for mushroom lovers from the four corners of Greece.

Visitors take part in educational seminars and participate in mushroom exploration tours in the woods. There is a lot to learn about those hundreds of mushroom species that grow in these soils. In the festival premises, tourists have the chance to savor various kinds of mushroom delicacies and sweets such as mushroom pickles, mushroom jam, truffles, mushroom liqueur, traditional pasta with mushrooms, mushroom nougat, etc.

Music from rock, jazz and latin bands accompany this culinary adventure and for the trekking type, the opportunities to go hiking in the woods are numerous. For those who wish to spend the night in the area, there is also a camping site.

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