Roggia Farm

Roggia is a new developing farm on the north of Corfu. This is the first product of real rural tourism in Corfu and is a wonderful difference from the development of the rest of the island.

Visit the farm and you will wonder if time ever reaches a place like this. Enjoy the clean air and the quiet setting, the only noise you hear is from the animals. Nikos is the owner and 2008 will be his first year to welcome guests. He is a young guy (in his 30’s) and to him rural tourism is a life-style. He may not be fluent in English however he will make you feel welcome, spend time to show you the animals, trees & lakes.

At Roggia you will be given the chance to get involved with everything and to the extend you wish to experience life at the farm. You can help with the animals or the land. Or you can watch the activities. You can take part in cooking or just eat with the family. Sit at your balcony and enjoy the ‘colours’ & ‘sounds’ of pure peace.

A visit to the farm for a few days is a must for all of us, young and old, families and couples. It is educational, calming, it is human and real, a wonderful break from our tiring routine. A week or two here will absolutely refresh anyone.

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Lat:  39.77424175134451

Long:  19.834442138671875