“Ontas” Traditional Hotel in Chania, Crete

The traditional second-class hotel Ontas is a restored Venetian architecture building of the Middle-Age Old City of Chania , Crete. The hotel is situated in the heart of a residential group where the guest can enjoy the co-existence of Venetian fortification and mansions, Turkish mosques and minarets, the unique Neoria as well as the modern neoclassic buildings of the early 19th century.

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[flexiblemap center=”24.027099609375,35.50875385049232″ title=””Ontas” Traditional Hotel in Chania, Crete” directions=”true” dirdraggable=”true” width=”100%” zoom=”12″ hidestreetview=”false” hidescale=”false”]
Lat:  24.027099609375

Long:  35.50875385049232

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