Cycladic Island of the Day: Stately Syros

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When should I visit – any events to be aware of?

Syros is the island of festivals. There are dozens of events organized every summer and this year most will take place in outdoor spaces with safety precautions. Take note:

July 10-23: International Dance and Dancetheatre Festival, Akropoditi DanceFest

July 22-26: Syros International Film Festival

July 23-25: Syros Kidz festival

July 27-31: Hermoupolis Guitar Festival

August 10-14: Festival of Classical Music

August 16-21: ANO International Organ Festival

August 25-28: Rebetiko Festival “Syra of Markos Vamvakaris”;

August 25-29: Syros Jazz Festival;

September 10-12: Stray Art Festival with a variety of events;

September 22-26 : AnimaSyros International Animation Festival. Many more events are planned for the summer within the framework of “Syros – Culture 2021” organized by the municipality.

Where is the first electric vehicle manufactured in Greece located?

The Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis (Tel. (+30) 22810.84762) houses the Enfield 8000 and many more exhibits that show the island’s development in the 19th and 20th century. The exhibition is exceptionally curated and eloquently narrates the industrial history of the land.

Where will I spot traditional architecture?

What characterized Syros if not its stately mansions? Take an afternoon stroll along Posidonia, the well-known Dellagrazia, to explore the neoclassical summer residences featuring large gardens with palm trees that were built in the late 19th century. In the evening wander around Vaporia, the former aristocratic neighborhood with captain’s houses literally hanging above the sea, much like galleys.

Where do they serve the best cocktails?

In recent years, the island has become a destination for those who enjoy fine drinking. Begin your tour at Kouchico (Tel. (+30) 22813.00880) in Ermoupoli, one of the first to bring a breath of fresh air to Syros’ bar scene. Swing by Ono Concept (Tel. (+30) 22810.45099) on Agathopes beach in Posidonia, or head to Ano Syros to visit the brand new Theosis cocktail bar (Tel. (+30) 22810.88958).

What are the most noteworthy local products?

You will find products from all the Cycladic islands at Prekas  (Tel. (+30) 22810.87556) , a traditional grocery store in Ermoupoli. They also make special deli foodstuffs, such as tomato sauce with dried fennel sourced from local tomatoes. In Ano Syros, take a seat at Maison de Meze (Tel. (+30) 22810-76209) and taste the variety of delicacies before deciding to buy everything at their grocery store. The best loukoumia (traditional sweets made with sugar, water and starch, along with aromas and nuts, served in small cubes covered in powdered sugar) in Syros are manufactured by Sykoutris (Tel. (+30) 22810.81390) in Ermoupoli.

You can read more about Syros here.

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